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SSH and Ubuntu Touch - everything you want to ask but are afraid to ask

Introduction SSH stands for  Secure Shell  and allows you to access remote machine's shell to execute terminal mode commands in it. Here we will emphasize the use with Ubuntu Touch which will render your UT device a hole lot more useful and powerful. Also, more convenient to work with. Windows has equivalent solutions, that I will not cover here. I will only tell you that to connect to UNIX shell over ssh from Windows machine, you can use  PuTTY  as ssh client, but won't at all cover Window's server side for remote shell. Table Of Conent Introduction SSH on Ubuntu Touch SCP SSHFS X forwarding X forwarding over SSH and into chroot containers Launchers for remote apps SSH on Ubuntu Touch This chapter will cover two topics: enabling ssh service allowing access to clients Enabling ssh service by default your UT device should have the service installed, and possibly running too. To make sure, you check the service status, no need sudo for