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X applications on Ubuntu Phone

All the X software So yeah, Mir ... Canonical's very own display server, to replace X server entirely in the future. Just that, all the great software currently existing, is made for X server. Not for Mir. Simple as that. Well, worry not. First of all, you can still put an executable that is written for X server on the phone. As long as it is ARM linux binary, it is a valid one on the Ubuntu Phone as well. True, you cannot just execute it and expect to work auto-magically, but there is quite a lot of ways you can make it work with some extra work. Generally there are 3 major ways to run X applications on the phone: Right on the phone via XMir Via a compatibility layer called Libertine Off the phone but onto the Desktop via SSH with X forwarding In the future directly: Ubuntu devs demo gtk apps running in Mir XMir to the rescue So Mir is a totally new display server somewhat based on Wayland, but it does come with a layer for compatibility with X. It is called

Free Pascal development for Ubuntu Phone

Introduction  Freepascal compiler (see: ) has long been available for both Linux and ARM platforms. It seemed to me that it should be straightforward to use if on Ubuntu phone, to say at least. And I was not interested in any cross-compiling type of setup. I wanted a true native way of writing, compiling, running and debugging code for Ubuntu phone, on the Ubuntu phone itself. This article will show, that this is in fact possible and painfully straightforward - yay! There are however, few culprits. Everything is as easy as possible as long as you stay inside Ubuntu Phone's shell. As you use terminal environment to write code, and the code you write is a terminal application. Culprits will arise, however, when you go about using code editor in GUI mode, or going about writing a GUI application. This article will introduce and get into detail of those aspects in a rather shallow fashion, because GUI aspect of developing for Ubuntu Phone with Freepascal wi