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Geany on Ubuntu Touch device as text editor, source code editor, debugger and compiler for multiple languages

Just today I have commited an answer to Quora:  Which is a good editor for writing C++ programs on the Ubuntu platform?  after mistakenly reading that it was about Ubuntu Touch, when it was actually about Ubuntu in general. So I decided to bring the content here, where it will not be an out-of-place content by mistake. Geany is a GUI text editor which also supports multiple compilers including gcc or Free Pascal (fpc) which I use it mostly with. It also supports syntax highlighters for plethora of languages and formats. It is a GTK app, but you can get it up and running on your phone directly, without any container like Libertine. Without further do, below is the content I made on Quora. Although I almost entirely write apps for UT devices in Pascal, but I did write a little in C++. I did not find any IDE as good as Lazarus IDE for Pascal, but at least for non GUI apps, I found  Geany  pretty convenient. It supporst many compilers, including gcc. Also it supports syntax highl

Ubuntu Phone: How I Felt In Love With Windowed Landscape Mode

Windowed landscape mode on Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition - YES this is how my PHONE looks like: Just only this week, after few months of full-time using Ubuntu Phone I learnt how easy it is to switch to Windowed Mode. This knowledge came to me as I was researching more on the newer MX5 Pro Ubuntu Edition phone which offers Convergence over a remote (wireless) display. My older MX4 does not offer convergence - not like MX5 does - but turns out that under the hood the platform is de facto exactly same on both devices. MX5 has a hardware support for connecting a remote display wirelessly, and Convergence only kicks in automatically once an external screen is detected.  Apparently on Ubuntu Tablet, with a bigger display facility it is also possible to switch on to "desktop mode". I was lacking this on my MX4, but it turns out, that only the user interface chose to hide some settings from me, assuming that on my form factor some features/modes wouldn't be useful/usable.  A