It physically can’t.  It has nowhere to store it.  It doesn’t even have a server database to store it.  So even if someone asked nicely to see your data, there wouldn’t be anything to show him.That’s why, with WATERMARQ, what happens on your device stays on your device.

This app does not track you, does not require user registration, does not contain ads, does not have a back-end to connect to. It can load images from your device (only) on your demand, to edit them locally and save back to your device (only) on your demand.

This app is built for you in a completely anonymous and user-agnostic way: no passwords, no registrations, no more worrying about one more place where your data is and no possibility of anyone seeing your personal data.

Console vs GUI application in Object Pascal - is it either-or?

Console vs GUI application paradigmConsole/terminal in POSIX vs in MS WindowsTwo-in-one with FPC/LazarusThe real magic
Console vs GUI application paradigm In short, console application (or terminal mode application) is when you have a command line interface like in the MS-DOS time, or like shell in Linux. Or if you start cmd.exe on Windows. Application dedicated to this scenario prints characters to terminal (stdout) and reads input from the terminal (stdin) when you use standard object pascal routines like write/writeln and read/readln.

GUI application is one that produces a window, or many windows, with visual elements like buttons, text input fields, sliders, checkboxes, radio buttons, end so on. Well GUI is actually a generic term, and you can have GUI application in terminal, like for example, FreePascal has a text-mode IDE complete with text editor, and interactive dialog widnows (with buttons and text input) which all work in the terminal, and it works across platforms, on PO…

SSH and Ubuntu Touch - everything you want to ask but are afraid to ask

Introduction SSH stands for Secure Shell and allows you to access remote machine's shell to execute terminal mode commands in it. Here we will emphasize the use with Ubuntu Touch which will render your UT device a hole lot more useful and powerful. Also, more convenient to work with.

Windows has equivalent solutions, that I will not cover here. I will only tell you that to connect to UNIX shell over ssh from Windows machine, you can use PuTTY as ssh client, but won't at all cover Window's server side for remote shell.
Table Of Conent IntroductionSSH on Ubuntu TouchSCPSSHFSX forwardingX forwarding over SSH and into chroot containersLaunchers for remote apps SSH on Ubuntu Touch This chapter will cover two topics: enabling ssh serviceallowing access to clients Enabling ssh service by default your UT device should have the service installed, and possibly running too. To make sure, you check the service status, no need sudo for that, in your Terminal app just issue this:
$ servi…

Lazarus IDE on ARM Ubuntu (Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu Touch, etc)

Lazarus IDE runs on plethora of platforms but today we focus on ARM Linux: Embedded Linux, single board computers, smartphones and tablets. Native visual RAD development on ARM Linux.
I wrote this post with the aspiration for it to become the most comprehensive practical guide for Lazarus IDE, and effectively Object Pascal software development on and for ARM Linux, but with focus specifically on Ubuntu.
Table of contentIntroductionFPC compilerMethod 1: installing with apt-getMethod 2: building from sources (recommended)Method 3: copying from another deviceuse-case 1: Raspberry Piuse-case 2: Ubuntu Touchuse-case 3: All Things Ubuntu (true convergence)Switching widgetsetsKnown issues Introduction "Lazarus is a Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE for Free Pascal. It includes LCL which is more or less compatible with Delphi's VCL. Free Pascal is a GPL'ed compiler that runs on Linux, Win32/64, OS/2, 68K and many more. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and comp…